a 404 script is the way I would handle it.

Modify what the server does when it finds a page that doesn't exist.
Currently the server issues 404 headers and displays a brain dead message
about not being able to find the page.  Change that so that the server
issues 200 headers (tricking the client which has "friendly error message"
enabled) and pick off the part after the .com/ and do a look up for the
item.  If found, proceed as expected, it not found display, a brain dead 404

How do you modify the server?
Either modify the 404 directive in Apache or one of the other lesser
setup a .htaccess file on their domain

The .htaccess has a line that says:
ErrorDocument 404 /new.php

Which means when the page is not found display the page /new.php

Build your product look up and place it in the file new404.php

Be sure that the first line of new.php is
<?header("HTTP/1.0 200 OK");

That's the header that tricks the "Friendly Error Message"

I wish I had come across this info as easily as you just did!

Mark Cain

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> Hi there everyone,
> My client needs to be able to have their url www.blahblah.com
> <http://www.blahblah.com/>  pickup the product number but I can't do it
> way I'd want (which would be www.blahblah.com/?mls=examplenumber, instead
> they said it MUST be www.blahblah.com/examplenumber - how can I grab the
> number AFTER the .com in PHP so that I can process it with MySQL without
> being assigned a variable name, just the number?
> Chris

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