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a 404 script is the way I would handle it.
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Hi there everyone,

My client needs to be able to have their url
<>  pickup the product number but I can't do it
the way I'd want (which would be, instead
they said it MUST be - how can I grab the
number AFTER the .com in PHP so that I can process it with MySQL without
it being assigned a variable name, just the number?
You might also want to use apache mod_rewrite
e.g. .htaccess
        RewriteEngine On
        RewriteRule ^/prod/(.*)$ product.php?pid=$1 [R]

I don't see that there's any easy way to trap a 404 error and rewrite based on that, you might be able to check if the requested object existed beforehand and set an ENV var to check against.

I don't know whether the straight 404 work would be easiest, or whether you might want to combine the two. If you absolutely can't have any other pieces in the URL that you can uniquely tie to product lookups, you'll have a hard time doing this with just mod_rewrite, so the 404 may be the way to go.

Still, something to be aware of. You could also do a rewrite map if the products are sufficiently static, though in that case you could also just alias it / etc.

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