Since you're telling mysql "Avg(RawData) as Mn" the index in $myrow won't be
"Avg(RawData)", it'll just be "Mn".

Try printing the entire $myrow to find out what you're receiving from mysql:
        print "<pre>"; print_r($myrow); print "</pre>";
That will show you the keys that you should use.


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I want to build a table that is populated from a MySQL query and have
the table include some aggregate data (mean, sd, and cv).
If I select 'avg(RawData) as Mn' - and then stuff Mn into the table -
life is good.
If I try and select just RawData and computed the mean and sd at the
time the table is created, I get an error 'Unidentified index:
avg(RawData) in <php file name> at line <where I try and do the avg and
The format used below that does not work came from a suggestion by Oli
(the original suggestion used echo rather than printf, but it seems to
me the concept should be identical - am I wrong here???).
I have a working method so I am in good shape, I'm just trying to learn
other ways to get the same result.  Any tips or pointers are
/////////////// Query for STATISTICAL data
$sql = "SELECT
RunID, ItemSN, RawDataDesc, ReasonRun, RawData,  //note, I've tried with
including and excluding RawData from this query - no change in the error
Avg(RawData) as Mn, Std(RawData) as SD,                 //note, I've
tried leaving this line in and taking it out - no change in the error.
(Std(RawData)/Avg(RawData) * 100) as CV
FROM $table
Where RawData != 'Passed' and RawData != 'Failed'
Group By RawDataDesc";
echo "<br><br>";
$result = mysql_query($sql, $link)
or die(mysql_error());
echo "This is the statistical data report for Item: $table <br><br>";
echo "<table border=1>\n";
echo "<tr><td>RunID</td><td>ItemSN</td><td>RunReason</td><td>Desc</td>
<td BGCOLOR='33FF99'>Mean</td><td BGCOLOR='99FFCC'>SD</td><td
while($myrow = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {
<td BGCOLOR='33FF99'>%.1f</td><td BGCOLOR='99FFCC'>%.2f</td><td
$myrow['RunID'], $myrow['ItemSN'], $myrow['ReasonRun'],
$myrow['Mn'], $myrow['SD'], $myrow['CV']);
// this works fine every time
//$myrow['avg(RawData)'], $myrow['std(RawData)'], $myrow['CV']);     //
this was suggested by someone on this list but returns Unidentified
index: avg(RawData)
in <php file name> at line <this line when uncommented and used
echo "</table>\n";

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