I have web based application running on php and mysql and installed on
multiple sites. The data on those sites need to be synchronized (to have
same data on every site after insert/update/delete action in each site).
Currently im using an ftp server to handle synchronization, im using batch
script to export and import data running on each site to the ftp server. but
it still is a tedious job that requires constant monitoring, i need to have
some kind of synchronization agent that can be installed on each site. Is
there any tools for that? 


SQLYog Enterprise has inbuilt MySQL synchronization. It's not free, however,
and may not suit your purposes.

I use it to keep my local development db current (or current as at the end
of each day) with record content from our production db without losing
structural changes I've made to local tables while working on new

May be worth taking a look at: http://www.sqlyog.com


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