M Saleh EG wrote:
Are you running your sites on the same server?
If yes use only one database for all of them.

Unless he's installed the latest of either SSvX* or QFCP**, I'm guessing his server isn't installed at multiple sites.
* [SSvX] Schrodinger's Server vX
** [QFCP] Quantum Flux Computing Platform

He could just have all the 'sites' use the same database if they were websites, he meant sites as in on-site, e.g. physical locations.

I have to agree that you're basically stuck with either replication, or the frequent synchronization you're doing now - depending on whether or not the servers can always be on. Is it possible to have a delay on the updating of information - to have a master server for the writes, and local slave servers at each site for just reads - or are writes too common a change?

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