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I think you do. When I first installed php5, the tried a few apps that were
written in php4, and they never worked with 5.

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Hi everyone,
I have a question. I have built a script on my desktop that works fine, but
when I upload it to the server, it does not post the data to the database.
I checked the my server and the isp server. I am running php 5.+ but my isp
is only running php 4.3.9 does this mean I have to change my script?
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You will likely need to change some parts of it, but it should by no means be a complete rewrite. We'd need more info to track down whether it's a specific problem - but I suggest you read this:
and more specifically this:
to see what might have changed that you're using that php4 doesn't handle the same. Any instances of unknown functions and the likes will have to be tracked down and dealt with as you hit it.

Basically - your best bet is enabling error messages (note: @ before a function suppresses errors) and grunting through it. Note - obviously - if you are using lots of the newer php5 features (mostly related to classes) you probably won't want to try migrating down, and might be better off looking for a new host or setting up php5 on your current host (either you or them installing it, more likely you'll have to if it's even allowed).

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