I'm maintainer of databases/firebird port on FreeBSD, and I've
splitted this port in two ports, firebird-client and firebird-server.

To install php with interbase extension, the only dependency is
firebird-client, and all builds fine, but, when I try to runa
ibase_pconnect, the proccess stops and give me nothing, no error
message, just don't run.

My firebird-client port install libs (libfbembed, libgds, ligfbclient
and libib_util) on /usr/local/lib and install *.h files on

I don't think the problem is on PHP, but on my port and what and where
I'm installing all the files.

Does PHP need any more file? I'm going crazy finding eht problem and
don't discover now... :-(

Someone could help me to found what I missed to install or where I
need to install the thing and back php wwith interbase works fine on

Any kind of help will be great.

Thanks in advance
Renato Botelho
ICQ: 54596223

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