Well when the user registers there will have to be a database table for 
members i assume, why not make a column confirmation or something and store 
this string there?

Check into the mail() function, this will allow you to send custom headers 
etc.. You just create the body of the message something like this

$body = 'Thank you for registering with us<br>';
$body .= 'You must now confirm your email address by clicking
here<http://yourdomain.com/[EMAIL PROTECTED]&code=sdjfhasf80g7ad9fgfg>

the actual url for the clicking here link you need to create maybe something 
like <a href="

then you use the mail() function to send the mail to the users email 

on the confirm.php page you should grabe the "code" and "email" using 
$_GET['code'] and $_GET['email'] then check the database for the users email 
and make sure the code matches the one in the database. If it does mark them 
as confirmed and let them proceed, if not well do nothing.

Joseph Crawford Jr.
Codebowl Solutions

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