Just a quick reply.  No I am not from NZ if you were asking me, which I don't 
think you were because my email states I am from Australia.  Just thought I'd 
make that said.


Thanks for your informative response.






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[[[ O-F-F topic ]]]prefer replies offlist if they have to be done, but I had to 
clear the waters some on this.that said...JeRRy wrote:[A lot of mostly 
unintelligible and worthless to quote jumble]delays like this are not frequent, 
and should not be.> delays like such.  Most recently IP's were a major issue 
than they > upgraded how they operate to IP(something or rather) ... IP2 or > 
something.  Effected Web Hosts.  I'm not quite clear exactly what all > this 
was but my web host was down for a considerable time because of it > and all my 
sites effected as people could not connect.  Some were > upgraded on the fly 
some sites were down for weeks or more.  My web host > was down for 11 
days.Where do you live ?No.  You were handed a pile of lies, it's possible that 
a major line recently was upgraded or repaired.  Are you in New 
likely your web host broke something badly and had to rebuild their system(s).  
 is the next version of IP, and it's not full replacing IPv4 anytime soon 
because coordinating the whole mess is cumbersome. It's already in use in 
plenty of places, and they use it alongside IPv4 just fine.> Australia!I know, 
that the USA are realy underdeveloped (Broadband,...) > but broken DNS or such 
issues?The USA is not really underdeveloped in this area, we are just too 
widespread to have *really* fast pipes.  Broadband has penetrated the US quite 
fine and it's extremely easy to get fast always on connections> Tests were ran 
with certain domains.  Most domains failed in Washington > area.  But since 
these tests are not always accurate but I'd guess the > problem lays within a 
hop or something there.  But how would I know in > Australia? > Another is I 
tried to load > http://www.getpaid2reademails.com/ and> I can't access it but 
people > elsewhere can.  When I ran anonymous> browsing it works.  (another > 
location)More bizzare!!!Your DNS was broken, you still had a local cache
 of the sites you frequently visit.> Not really.  A person in Canada confirmed 
they were not able to view the > above site for the passed 3 days.  I can view 
it now.  Another person in > Americal could see it before but can't now despite 
the site being online > and the server active.  It happens quite often this 
occourence.> This > list seems to be working fine now, I just got a swag of 
emails> sworming > in all at once.  But when I see the date/time emails were> 
sent I see > there is quite a delay in some hitting the inboxes.Maybe you 
should ask > your ISP what happen...Again, DNS servers/issues.  DNS changes can 
take a long while to propogate.  If your webhost was also your DNS host and 
their servers went poof, it is possible some people had the lookup cached while 
some didn't.Email has no particular guaranteed delivery time, and backoff 
algorithms differ - in addition to mail servers queuing mail up before sending. 
 It happens, mail isn't always as instant as we would like.> Why
 should I?  Can't you see I am using Yahoo!? lol ... Nothing wrong > with my 
ISP currently.  As they don't feed my emails, they just feed the > pages to 
check them. ;) > But it's great to see people interested if the > list is 
still> ACTIVE... Rather than forgetting it exists if people > don't get> emails 
every so hours.  The list has lovers.. :):-)amen.  hail to the list. :)> I 
think there has been 2 emails stating is the list active lately.  But > none 
have confirmed www problems.  > Michelle, go back to your little > box.Little 
Box ?> > That's what they call a linux (of some description) O/S machine, a 
box. it's just OS - it's an abbreviation, not O/S like O/S 2.cheers,-- - Martin 
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opinion(s) contained within this email do not necessarily represent those of 
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