Hello list,

The following example script uses prepared statements to bind input and
output parameters It works flowlessy using php 5 & mysqli on a client
machine and MySQL 5.0.7 beta on the server (

1: <?php 
2: $m = new mysqli('', 'xxx', 'xxx');
3: $m->select_db('xxx');
5: $sql = "SELECT des FROM comune WHERE descrizione LIKE ?";
6: $param='tre%';
8: $stmt = $m->stmt_init();
10: if ($stmt->prepare($sql)) {
12:     $stmt->bind_param('s', $param);
13:     $stmt->execute();
14:     $stmt->bind_result($col1);
16:     echo "<p>";
17:     while ($stmt->fetch()) {
18:         echo "$col1<br/>";
19:     }
20:     echo "</p>";
22:     $stmt->close();
23: }
25: $m->close();
27: ?>

Now, upon moving the script on to the server and replacing line 2 with 
2: $m = new mysqli('localhost', 'xxx', 'xxx');
it stops working (ie no output at all on screen). 

Removing the bound output parameter (line 14) results in a mock "too
many parameters to bind_param" error on line 12.
Replacing the PS with a simple query makes the script work again.
The PS at the mysql command interface level is working as expected.

It looks like there is a problem with mysqli PS when the client and the
server share the same machine. 
Does anyone have a clue on what is going on or point me to some tests I
can do?

Thank you all,

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