One trick is to force the case in your comparison:

$ucstringinput = strtoupper($stringinput);
$qry = "select * from sometable where upper(address) like '%$ucstringinput%'"

Didn't think LIKE was case sensitive, but regardless... forcing upper or 
lowercase in your comparison doesn't affect output but will make your case 
sensitivity issue moot.



= = = Original message = = =

Hi there everyone,


I have a little problem, I have a search where people can search the address
of a property BUT the search is case sensitive, I don~t WANT it to be.  I~m
using MySQL and PHP and I generally use something like WHERE address LIKE
~%$stringinput%~ which works with the numbers ONLY, but when I add the
address if I don~t put a capital infront of each part of the address it
won~t show up.  Any ideas how I can make it case INSENSITIVE?  (Think that~s
the correct phrase).


Any help would really be appreciated.


Thanks everyone




Chris Payne

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