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>I was just wondering what is the maximum number of records that can  be 
>successfully handled with a db. any db will do. it doesn't have to  be the 
>fastest or best, just one that can hold the maximum number of  records and 
>still be able to interact well with php. any ideas?

Using MySQL with PHP:
I believe that a MyISAM table has a maximum row count of 2^32 
(4,294,967,296) rows.
I believe that an InnoDB table *may* not have this limit.

There is no limit on the # of rows in a table, see: 

Remember that there are other limits (like diskspace, and the time it takes 
to perform a query on the data, indexing the data ...)
If you are concerning about the row limit, you may need to re-think the 


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