And I agree. I haven't asked many questions myself but have seen the responses from some people. I think you have to think that they have looked and this IS their last resort. I've found when doing searches on the web that I get presented with 5000 pages of un relevant stuff.

Remember when you couldn't use a mouse???


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with questions being answered like that, i am sure many will.

On 8/26/05, Raz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:


> I am sorry that people like to ridicule noobs on this list. It was a
> simple question with a simple answer. Thank you!!

Not at all, shame if you see it this way - it is mostly a case of
people on this list helping you to help yourself - respect to those
who've had a go at finding the info themselves first. I've hardly ever
asked a question here, because I have found the answer elsewhere first
- treat this list as more of a last resort...


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