if you just have a simple array with automatic numeric keys and text you could just implode the data to a string with a separator not found in your data:
$dataArray = array("hello", "goodbye", "etc.");
$storable = implode("||||", $dataArray);
// $storable becomes "hello||||goodbye||||etc."

//then, use explode to get the original array back again
$dataArray = explode("||||", $storable);

you could use a similar technique if you want to put the keys in as well, albeit slightly more complicated (e.g. use "||||" to separate each element in the array and "||" to separate each key from its value). Just find a divider you know your data will not contain, such as a pipe: "|".

This has worked well for me.


On Sep 1, 2005, at 8:55 AM, Miguel Guirao wrote:

I want to store an array into a field on a MySQL table, Is it posible to
save it? Maybe into a string field?

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