SqirrelMail is as customizable as you want, it's written in PHP and you get the source code. By default it comes with various preferences a user can change (i.e. color scheme). You can create folders if you setup it up as an IMAP account. The interface certainly isn't as fancy and dynamic as gmail or yahoo, but it's designed to work in just about any browser. You could certainly add some ad display code to the interface, after all it is "just a web page".

mysql.com (everything can't be .org)

Price: free

On Oct 3, 2005, at 11:41 AM, JeRRy wrote:

Thanks Brent,

Just for future refrence for this list if i look back on it or for others interest as well do you have direct links to the ones you have listed below?

I did a search and got third party addresses that did not seem to direct to the real address. But that might of been the search terms I was using or the real sites were not available at the time I searched.

But the links would be handy and any costs assosicated to them. SquirellMail I think I have heard about and is used in most CPANEL's. But how customizable is this? That is the sort of client I would need.
I know Horde pretty well, is that customizable.

What I wanna do is add ads to all accounts and each time a user sees the ad they get credit, they don't need to click it to earn. Something like that but with more detail. So it needs to be able to add ads and to add PHP code and mysql code to it and be able to get basic info back from the email client to know who is logged in.

Brent Baisley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
SquirrelMail is used by a lot people and comes with a lot of systems
(i.e. Apple Servers, Linux). It's not tied to any particular email
server, it's open source and PHP based, so you can customize it to
your needs.
The email address has to do with the email server, not the web front
end. Postfix is a pretty popular email server that supports many
configurations and is a heck of a lot easier to learn and setup than
sendmail. dbMail is another interesting one that can use a database
(mysql, postgres) as a back, which helps with searching large mail
boxes or tying into a whole system.

On Oct 3, 2005, at 9:39 AM, JeRRy wrote:

> Hello,
> What I am looking for is to offer a website that people can freely
> signup and use as a real email address. A client where they can
> send/recieve emails just like Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail etc. Have it
> web based. But I don't just want any email client, it must be
> customizable and code added to it. So I am not looking to go to a
> www site and signup for them to brand it. I want to customize it
> entiley which does not just include the colours and format I mean
> customize the code itself and add to it as it won't just be a email
> site, it will pay you to send emails etc.
> Free or price is fine. I know of a few BASIC free ones but their
> very basic. If I can avoid allowing attachments that's fine or a
> section to allow or disallow ataachments. But when is ay basic
> their damn basic. I need one that you have settings, folders etc.
> Any ideas? Or anyone have the time to write such a client for me?
> I'm not really sure if the client can be or would be PHP based or
> datbase driven. I'd hope so because I could adapt to it bette r and
> work on it but if not I am willing to learn the bits.
> Time frame? Well if someone needs to write it I don't need it
> anytime soon. I want it to be stable and what not so needs to be
> fine and operate correctly. But if I can buy or get some code I
> can edit there will be alot of editing but that would be fine. Any
> ideas people?
> email will be in the form of [EMAIL PROTECTED] not like
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] it's going to have it's own domain.
> Something like rock.com would be fine.
> Thanks!
> Jerry
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