Is it from php or the mssql driver? If it's from the driver, then the library 
is installed at least partially correctly. If it's from php, perhaps not. 

From there you can narrow it down by checking the connection parameters 
outside of php to make sure they're right, is there a mssql client for linux?

If the driver is loading, I would hope it would give better error messages 
than just 'connection failed'.. but as I've never used the driver I might be 

You can also packet sniff the network during the connection attempt to see 
what goes on there, there's lots of clues that could be helpful in the packet 


On Tuesday 01 November 2005 2:30 pm, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> A few months back I wrote the list asking for help making a connection
> to a MS SQL database from our linux webserver.  At that time I was able
> to make a successfull connection on Fedora Core 1 after installing
> php-mssql.rpm and a freetds rpm.  When I upgradd to FC4, I was unable
> to continue my project because the RPMs had not been built for
> PHP5.0.4, whic is the version we run now.
> Today, I was able to get the version of php-mssql I needed and installed
> it successfully.  I am able to make a connection to our ms sql server
> using tsql.  There is a mssql.ini file in the php.d directory and the
> file is in /usr/lib/php/modules/.  Using the
> get_loaded_extensions fuction, I see that mssql is a loaded module and
> the phpinfo() function shows me mssql configuration files.  All
> indicators tell me that I should be able to connect.
> Obvsiously, since I'm posting to the list, you can guess that it's not
> working.  The error message I get back is useless as I'm only told that
> the connection failed.  Does anyone know anything else I need to check
> to get the connection working?
> Thank you,
> Robbert van Andel

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