I have an OCI-Lob Object (in this case a clob) on which I am calling
load().  I have identical code for a blob that works perfectly fine. 
I can't find any documentation or notes about this function or my

Code that produces error:

     // i get here after succesfully executing
     // a select statement and getting back results
     if (is_object($row["EXCEPTIONS"])) {

        // this call to load gives php warning below
        if (!($ans = $row["EXCEPTIONS"]->load())) {

          $exceptions = print_r($row["EXCEPTIONS"],1);
          error_log($row["QUESTION_ID"] .
                    ":  " .

      } else {

        $ans = $row["EXCEPTIONS"];


PHP Error:

[07-Nov-2005 13:23:58] PHP Warning:  load(): OCILobGetLength:
OCI_INVALID_HANDLE in file.php on line 1546

Output from print_r($row["EXCEPTIONS"])

[07-Nov-2005 13:23:58] OCI-Lob Object
    [descriptor] => Resource id #51

Is this a bug?  I can't find any documentation or messages in the
archives that have helpful

Here are some details about my environment:

PHP Version 4.3.10

System Info:  Linux my.server.com 2.4.9-e.27smp #1 SMP
Tue Aug 5 15:49:54 EDT 2003 i686

OCI information:

OCI8 Support    enabled
Revision        $Revision: $
Oracle Version  10.1
Compile-time ORACLE_HOME        /oracle/product/10G
Libraries Used  no value

If I add +OCI_RETURN_LOBS to my call to OCIFetchInto, I get all the
right data back without having to call load, however, this will
effectively break a LOT of code that deals with BLOBS.  I will
probably end up using this as a temporary fix in some manner that
won't break the rest of the application.  However, I would be very
grateful to anyone who has a better solution...like how to get the
load function to work on a CLOB that is most definitely already an
OCI-Lob object?

Thanks in advance --

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