Ron Piggott wrote:

> I have given the command
> file_get_contents($web_page_address);
> (I changed this from an array last week)
> But after 1015 characters of typing file_get_contents is truncating the
> text. I am wondering if there is a PHP setting which is causing this to
> happen.  But I don't know which PHP setting to change when I use the
> phpinfo() command.  Any suggestions?  I am in an apache environment
> where I am able to set a local command with .htaccess file.
> Ron
Some code would be helpful to try and resolve the problem. Presumably you
are assigning the result of file_get_contents to a variable and then
displaying that variable somehow? Perhaps the string being displayed
contains a character that would foul up the display?

More information, please.

David Robley

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