Ok.  Here is some code:

$message = file_get_contents($web_page_address);
#in this situation $web_page_address is equal to


If you visit
 you will see the source code of the page giving the error.  The last paragraph 
of teaching before the footer is what is truncated.  Below my signature in this 
e-mail is where the text gets cut off.  There is no ASCII characters that are 
weird to display.  

After this paragraph footer goes through the web to e-mail gateway

I wonder if I have come up against filling a memory variable in a PHP
setting and could change my local setting.


Acts Ministries Christian Evangelism
"Where People Matter"
12 Burton Street
Belleville, Ontario, Canada K8P 1E6

(613) 967-0032
(866) ACTS-MIN

There are people who come to church who appear to be doing their hour or
hour and a half of religion for the week. When you observe someone such
as this God's Spirit is asking that you will pray for a spiritual
awakening in this individuals life. You have been drawn attention to
this fact, not to judge, or necessarily confront, but to pray for the
individual. It is through prayer God responds to individual's needs. We
do not need to know the life story of an individual in order to pray for
them. We are able to pray with great boldness that the individuals
family matters, employment and personal concerns come into subjection to
Jesus Christ. It isn't the length of a prayer which God is concerned
about, but the sincerity of the person making intercession. If God so
desires the Holy Spirit will empower you with knowledge to pray into
specific areas of this individuals life. Otherwise God is seeking that
your heart be pure as you pray that He would change the individual to be
more like His Son. While pr

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