This just got interesting.  It does this error just through e-mail.  If
I run an 'echo $message;' the entire file which has been loaded displays

My mail syntax is


where $message is the HTML file text I am attempting to e-mail.
file_get_contents is working correctly.  This changes the entire problem

Is there a limit to how many characters mail() will accept?  


On Sun, 2005-20-11 at 10:25 -0800, Micah Stevens wrote:
> Sorry, the maxlen is only in 5.1.0.. I wasn't reading far enough. 
> You can't control how much variables can hold except for the maximum php 
> memory allowance in php.ini. This is by default 8 megs, which could I suppose 
> be set much smaller by the admin. This is in phpinfo() if you take a look. 
> If it's indeed 8 megs, that's quite a bit, and you shouldn't have this 
> problem 
> based on that. 
> A couple of questions:
> 1) If you just echo $message to the browser, does the same thing happen, or 
> only through email?

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