Ron Piggott wrote:

> This just got interesting.  It does this error just through e-mail.  If
> I run an 'echo $message;' the entire file which has been loaded displays
> correctly.
> My mail syntax is
> mail($to,$subject,$message,$headers)
> where $message is the HTML file text I am attempting to e-mail.
> file_get_contents is working correctly.  This changes the entire problem
> now.
> Is there a limit to how many characters mail() will accept?

No, but there may be limits on line length. The point where your message is
breaking is on the longest line of text in that page; perhaps if you were
to try wrapping the lines to around 80 characters you might get over the

If not, amybe it is the World Wide Web getting its own back for you using
such a lengthy URL :-)

BTW, your HTML syntax on that page is not correct.

David Robley

"It's two, two, two mints in one," Tom said certainly.

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