Ron Piggott (PHP) wrote:
I am building a Christian ministry web site.

One of the things we are establishing is an online offering basket to
receive donations.  One of our disbursements is a benevolent fund to
help others.

I have a 'how we operate our benevolent fund' web page online at

I also have this file set to load from our online offering basket web
page at
 as a pop up window by clicking a submit button.

What I really want to have happen is for the CLOSE WINDOW button to
appear when this is loaded as a pop up window from our
online_offering_basket.html file and if the web page is loaded directly
then the link to our Online Offering Basket appear for the user to get
back into our web site.
Do you know how to do this?


<a href="javascript:window.close()">Close</a>

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