exec('source /path/');


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Sent: Friday, December 23, 2005 1:42 AM
Subject: how can I execute bash file by using exec or system


I try to execute bash script file by using following script


this file includes the Global Mapping Tools script and create file taht is the epicenter distribution file of the earthquakes.

I have obtain epicenters.csv file by using PHP-MYSQL relation

$query = "SELECT Date , Time , Mag , Lat , Lon , Depth INTO OUTFILE
'$filename'  FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' FROM list WHERE Mag >0";

 than after I try to draw epicenter distribution map by using
file.All this can easily run on the console but by using php I could not
execute file.
I also use 


But also this could not run bash file.
Are there any people to solve my problem.
Thanks all.

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