Check the encoding for the web page itself. Sounds like the page is telling 
the client browser to encode differently than the server is encoding. 


On Saturday 31 December 2005 9:11 am, Jean-Philippe BATTU wrote:
> Hello
> I would like to send email from my php program. So I use the mail()
> function from php engine but I noticed that the  accentuated characters
> were not well transmitted by php or the apache server (I use a linux box
> with FC4 and httpd server).
> In the phpinfo function, I saw the LANG environnement variable was set to
> en_US...., so I fixed it to fr_FR.... in the system file /etc/sysconfig/18n
> and reboot the machine, phpinfo gave me the correct french LANG. The result
> is still the same
> the apache server gave me incorrect languages in server-info, so I
> corrected the DefautLanguage directive and Priority Languages directives in
> the httpd.conf file. Restart apache and server-info gave me correct
> information, but the result is still the same.
> I am in trouble, because the mutt linux program send well the  accentuated
> characters. I studied the difference between two mails, from mute and from
> php, and apparently the order definition after the Date aren't the same.
> I tried to use the phpmailer class, but the problem persists. I use php
> 4.3.10
> The workaround I found is to use the mutt command from php by the system
> function, but it is a pity !
> Do you know this problem ?
> thanks for your reply and happy new year to you !
> Cheers
> Jean-Philippe BATTU
> Grenoble

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