I have just installed Centos 4.2 running on a new Dell server (Xeon
2.4Ghz, SCSI HD, 1GB RAM) with Apache 2.0.52, PHP 4.3.9 and MySQL
4.1.12.  There is NOTHING in the html directory yet except for a simple
index.php page with two echo statements in it for demo purposes.  The
statement is as follows:
echo ("<h2>Hello World</h2>");
echo ("font color=\"red\" face=\"helvetica\" size=\"20px\">This is

This page takes about 20 seconds to load.  When I do the same page but
with plain html it loads in a fraction of a second. The server is about
20 feet away from me in a server room too.  I didn't compile the PHP or
Apache from source either - it is from the disro install.  Anyone else
have any issues like this?  I should have virtually zero latency on this
set up.  I also turned on (php.ini) error display and I get no errors
displayed nor any in the log files - it just takes forever to load.
When I do a <?php phpcredits(); ?> it also takes about the same amount
of time to load.

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