Micah Stevens wrote:

> Not enough information there to make any sort of diagnosis, but here are
> some things to try to narrow down the problem:
> 1) ssh into the server, and run 'top' to watch the process list. Then
> while watching that, hit reload in the browser to see if the HTTP process
> pegs out while you're waiting for the page. If it does, for some reason
> apache/php is struggling. Otherwise it's likely something else.
> 2) run 'ngrep' on port 80 of the incoming network interface (eth0, or
> whatever it's hooked to), and reload the page again. Are you immediatly
> seeing the request come though or does it take a while? This type of thing
> could be caused not by the webserver, but instead by a badly configured
> router, or something in the network. If it takes a while to come through,
> you need to look at your network configuration.
> 3) Is this a DNS issue? If you're accessing via a domain name, and not a
> direct IP type URL, a shoddy DNS connection could make things really take
> a long time.

3a) If so, is hostname lookup turned on for apache logging? This may result
in yet another query to the DNS. I'm not sure however whether that lookup
might delay delivery of the document, or whether the document is served
independently og logging actions; I would guess the latter.

David Robley

"I'm never anywhere on time," Tom related.

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