So PHP5 can't so mysql and mysqli together?

Perhaps this project would be better suited by Perl or Python since apparently PHP5's mysql support is too ambiguous.

JupiterHost.Net wrote:

JupiterHost.Net wrote:

Howdy list, under "Installation" is says:
"If you would like to install the mysql extension along with the mysqli extension you have to use the same client library to avoid any conflicts."

So, assuming PHP5 and MySQL > 4.1.3:

These are the two ways to do both --with-mysql and --with-mysqli correct:

 a) --with-mysql      --with-mysqli=/path/to/mysql_config
 b) --with-mysql=/usr --with-mysqli=/usr

If not, whats the proper way to do --with-mysqli with:

 a) -with-mysql
 b) --with-mysql=DIR

As per:

"Compiling PHP5 with mysql and mysqli Database Drivers" at seems to indicate that --with--mysqli=/path/to/mysql_config applies to both "a" and "b"

Is that indeed the case? That is what is necessary and will make sure that it will "use the same client library to avoid any conflicts" ?

Is "[7 Sep 2004 7:52am CEST] [EMAIL PROTECTED]" at true?

Also when does the broken Makefile in regard to this expected to be fixed?

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