I have to generate a comma-separated(CSV) file of amounts and credit card numbers for secure transmittal to the bank. The CSV file is read by a bank-endorsed program, encrypted and transmitted.

Most of the billing information: amount, period date, name, billing number is stored on the web server. The billing number and credit card type and credit card number are stored locally, call it the cc_file. The local storage format has not been decided on, the client is leaning towards Excel, but is well aware of how easily data can be damaged or destroyed in a spreadsheet.

The procedure I initially thought of, was generating a file on the web side, emailing it to the client, then merging it with the cc_file to generate the payment file for the bank. I foresee a very messy, and fragile, macro in Excel to generate the merge.

Now I'm thinking more along the lines of having a local MySQL database. The web side file will be created using SELECT <fields> INTO OUTFILE <filename>, and that would be mailed to the client. That file would be imported into the local MySQL database. A script / function would then generate the payment file.

This local app I would write in PHP, using the PHP-GTK toolkit.

The other possibility would be to access the web database from the local app, fetch the data directly and generate the file. That would involve having two databases open at the same time, but should be ok - $db_local and $db_remote.

Opinions and suggestions will be welcomed.

Regards - Miles Thompson

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