Good evening.

I'm sure this is something easy so I'm hoping you can simply steer me to a good source.

I simply need to create a Checkbox list using data from my "groups" table.

I have a table with two fields:
1)  groups_id
2)  groups_name

The data contained is simple:

groups_id groups_name
----------- ----------------
    1    Group A
    2    Group B
    3    Group C
    4    Group D

I would like to dynamically create a checkbox selection similar to:

<input name="sel_group[]" type="checkbox" value="1">Group A<BR>
<input name="sel_group[]" type="checkbox" value="2">Group B<BR>
<input name="sel_group[]" type="checkbox" value="3">Group C<BR>
<input name="sel_group[]" type="checkbox" value="4">Group D<BR>

So I need a script that'll take this information from the groups table
and create the above.  Can you help?

As I look at this, I believe I'm going to need to create an array for my final "report." So I just added the [] after sel_group.


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