Mark Bomgardner wrote:

Is there a way in php to execute a SELECT statement in the future? What

only if its running in the future :)

You can trigger it when a visitor visits your page but what are the chances someone will visit it at 2:000 AM exactly every night?

You can run it as a daemon, which woudl be kind of stupid, plus if they don;t let you run cron they probably don;t want a script to run 24/7 just to send an email at 2:00 AM

You can cron it.

You can cron a script on a different server to run your script on the non-cron machine via SSH, HTTP, etc...

BTW, this applies to scripting of any kind, Actually there are soem Perl modules that can do this, have you looked on CPAN?

I am wanting to do is use a page to parse a database at a future time. I want to send out some email about an event I am putting on, but I don't want to execute the select statement until 2:00am. I could use cron for this, but I would perfer not, as I am writing an application in which cron may not be an option. Is there 3rd party engines that will do this?

Yes, Cron is one that 99% of servers will have and several Perl Modules on CPAN.

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