i have to display the whole songs list in the same page.
the flash embed player is a customized button next to each song of the page.
header function has to be placed before any print/echo, or i'll get the traditional warning "Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by ..."

if i send the ID var of the selected song to Flash, it could be suitable.
(and the mp3 url won't be displayed in the html source)

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Why not have a play.php which does this:


query("update hitcounter set plays = plays+1 where file = {$_GET['file']}");
header("Location: play.swf?file={$_GET['file']}");


Just a simple redirect. The user wouldn't even notice.


On Wednesday 08 March 2006 6:30 am, Hoz wrote:
Here is a light but usefull Flash mp3 player :
(thanks to the author ;))

i wanted it to be dynamic :
in list.php, i list some mp3 songs from a Mysql database.
i want each song to be played in the flash player.

looks like :
Artist #1 - <embed src=play.swf?file=file1.mp3>
Artist #2 - <embed src=play.swf?file=file2.mp3>

by the way, i want each song to be incremented (+1 hit) in the database
when i play it.
so i used a lure in list.php :

Artist #1 -
if(!$file || $file!=$mp3) print "<a href='list.php?file=$mp3#artiste1'><img
elseif($file && $file==$mp3)
    the mysql query : update table set hit='hit+1' WHERE mp3='$mp3
    print "<embed src=play.swf?file=".$mp3."&autoStart=true...>";

that's not very "pro" ...
to skip this lure, i know there is a way to send the song ID to the "Flash
single mp3 player", then increment it from swf and play it.

i started with a
<embed src='play.swf?ID=74...'>
i suppose i have to send ID var to a php script called from Flash. Then
increment the song in the php, get the mp3 url, send it to Flash and
finally play it... im too noob at Flash/actionscript, i spent a lot of time
searching and testing scripts, in vain ;(

Can someone help me please ?
thanks for all

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