and the exact question is : how can i update my DB through Flash, using PHP.
Thanks Tony, amfphp looks interesting. i'll take a look.

but, Micah,
each song has to be played on its own flash player is the current list.php page.

quote --
list.php - this lists the mp3's, and each mp3 links to:
play.php?file=somemusic.mp3 - This increments the database and forwards to:

i dont want a new window in which SWF will be displayed, if it is what you mean.


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Just an update to the DB on each swf load is what it seems he wants.

On Wednesday 08 March 2006 7:13 pm, Anthony Lee wrote:
This question isn't really a PHP-DB thang is it?

Anyway, it sounds like you have a lot of swfs on the page. One for each
song, is
that right? In that case your best bet would be something like what you

<embed src='play.swf?ID=74...'>

i.e. push the variable into flash from the page that contains it. If you
only have a small amount of info the swf needs you can just keep on with
the theme

ID=74& etc.

If you want to pull a lot more information from the DB after the page
has loaded
then you should take a look at PHPObject or AMFPHP. Hint, AMFPHP is a lot
more robust and faster.

And don't forget that you need to write the vars to a Param tag too.


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