The other response is half correct..   I havn't seen anything to read data from 
Excel with PHP (although it's technically possible, just kind of complicated) 
so the easiest solution is to use Excel and just have it load the file and save 
it in CSV format.

The part that's not entirely correct is the "PHP can't talk to Excel" part.  
It's cumbersome, but PHP can use a COM connection to control Excel (or Word or 
MapPoint or Access or Outlook..etc).  This means you'd have to have Excel 
loaded on the server that was running PHP, which may not be an option.

For an example of PHP + COM with Excel, check out:

Look down the page for the entry posted by "flintjt at hotmail dot com"

If COM doesn't work for you and you don't mind getting your hands dirty, I 
believe you can get the Excel file format spec.. maybe through the OpenOffice 
sources.. and figure out how to read XLS files that way.

The Excel Object Model might help you with the proper properties/methods/etc:

Good luck.


= = = Original message = = =

Dear All,

Have you any script/example how to Save As Excel file to CSV using PHP?

Thanks & Regards,


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