Thank you so much for all your responses.


Yeah, finally I decided to use excel reader. It solved my problem.



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I've never used it, but:





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> The other response is half correct..   I havn't seen anything to read

> from Excel with PHP (although it's technically possible, just kind of

> complicated) so the easiest solution is to use Excel and just have it

> the file and save it in CSV format.


> The part that's not entirely correct is the "PHP can't talk to Excel"

>  It's cumbersome, but PHP can use a COM connection to control Excel

> Word or MapPoint or Access or Outlook..etc).  This means you'd have to

> Excel loaded on the server that was running PHP, which may not be an

> option.


> For an example of PHP + COM with Excel, check out:




> Look down the page for the entry posted by "flintjt at hotmail dot


> If COM doesn't work for you and you don't mind getting your hands
dirty, I

> believe you can get the Excel file format spec.. maybe through the

> OpenOffice sources.. and figure out how to read XLS files that way.


> The Excel Object Model might help you with the proper

> properties/methods/etc:




> Good luck.


> -TG


> = = = Original message = = =


> Dear All,


> Have you any script/example how to Save As Excel file to CSV using


> Thanks & Regards,


> Anita


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