(sorry i'm late ;))
well it's all done and works perfectly

i send the mp3 ID to SWF, then update DB with PHP i call from SWF, return the mp3 file to SWF then play the file.
i cant show you the result, but it looks nice

really thank you all ! "big up" Tony ;)


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On Friday 10 March 2006 6:24 pm, Anthony Lee wrote:
> Actually, I don't see why either method would work:

The SWF is in a static HTML page. It requests an mp3, and loads it without
having to refresh. So it needs an mp3 returned, not another SWF.

Updating the DB from the SWF call sounds cool, but serverside wise
requires the
.htaccess updated to instruct .swf requests from that dir to be read as
PHP. The PHP script would need to update the DB then open the mp3 and write
the correct headers before returning it.

In my example the PHP is not streaming the mp3 to the flash file, it's merely
passing on a URL. I think  you're really misunderstanding what I was
attempting to say. So you don't need to open any mp3 in the php file, nor
return any mp3 information.

Although, now that you bring it up, that would be one way to do it, but I
wouldn't because that would introduce a much larger system load.

Just call the php, and then the php calls the SWF. Simple as that.


> What's the AMFPHP deal?

Flash Remoting. Action Message Format. Like SOAP but better :D


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