This is a "Discussion Board", previous threads/posts are logged, recorded, 
saved to the WWW.  I see no point to continue threads over and over and over 
again.  Why not cut the threads down to a few lines that are important to the 
reply your making?  If people need to know more about it there is a free 
website they can visit and look at it.  It's quite annoying to follow a thread 
and find each time the thread is continued over and over in 5 lots of emails 
from the same person.  Makes going through the list alot slower.
  I am not going to mention the one recently but most would be aware, the 
thread was continued, and still is, over about 10 replies, in all none has been 
removed from any reply.  We're talking about 300 lines..  That's just stupid, 
CUT THEM DOWN PLEASE!  Save everyone the hassle, I know of a few others a bit 
concerned on this also.  Just thought I'd express my opinions.
  There is enough SPAM on the web already without things being repeated over 
and over again, yes maybe I am here but I am making a valid point.
  With that said, let's continue.   No corrospondence entered into.

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