JeRRy wrote:

> Hi,
>   This is a "Discussion Board", previous threads/posts are logged,
>   recorded, saved to the WWW.  I see no point to continue threads over and
>   over and over again.  Why not cut the threads down to a few lines that
>   are important to the reply your making?  If people need to know more
>   about it there is a free website they can visit and look at it.  It's
>   quite annoying to follow a thread and find each time the thread is
>   continued over and over in 5 lots of emails from the same person.  Makes
>   going through the list alot slower.
>   I am not going to mention the one recently but most would be aware, the
>   thread was continued, and still is, over about 10 replies, in all none
>   has been removed from any reply.  We're talking about 300 lines.. 
>   That's just stupid, CUT THEM DOWN PLEASE!  Save everyone the hassle, I
>   know of a few others a bit concerned on this also.  Just thought I'd
>   express my opinions.
>   There is enough SPAM on the web already without things being repeated
>   over and over again, yes maybe I am here but I am making a valid point.
>   With that said, let's continue.   No corrospondence entered into.
>   J

Well, whilst we are having a bitch about things, perhaps everyone could turn
on word wrap in their favourite mailer/newsreader. Starting with you,

David Robley

People say I'm apathetic, but I don't care.

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