I have created several successful HTML and text based emails..

Its a secret called multipart MIME.

The essence of email really. Just as an attachment is "embedded" into the same file as the images, html part and textual part.

All you have to do is using 2 seperate boundaries, write out a textual [no HTML formatting, etc, use correct newlines etc] version out and then using same content write it into a HTML template version that can include formatting etc..

Ensure all images used are also encoded and added as multipart MIME segments.

All this can be generally easily done via some email clients themselves. For example Microsoft's Outlook Express does multipart HTML/Text emails.

If you just go and create a new email in Outlook and type out your content in HTML format [ensure you've selected Format->Rich Text HTML]

Then save it and grab the message source, you will clearly see the boundaries it has defined for the alternative MIME part [the text/html] and the text/plain part.

Simply reformat the text/plain part a bit if you want.

Voila.. in most cases thats ready to rumble .. use it as an example of how to work it into your own email generation functions in php.

Works a charm for me ;-)

Good luck, let me know how you go!

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Hello all,

People on this list, is your email client plain-text or HTML supported?

I think most email clients come with HTML support, but over the time I have done HTML emails they flop out and not display correctly. Is there a reason for this? Is there a way to send out HTML emails from a PHP script to email clients that will display correctly?

Problem I tend to have is at times I write the HTML, test it on a webpage. Send it to my email clients shows well but on others like Yahoo! etc it shows crap. Than at times Yahoo! shows fine and other clients crap! Is there tag/codes needed to sort it out?

Or is it just a tricky thing? Yahoo!, Hotmail is HTML based WWW clients so I guess you need to get your tables spot on that matches theirs to align correctly? Just need input on this! Thanks!



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