Hello all,
  People on this list, is your email client plain-text or HTML supported?
  I think most email clients come with HTML support, but over the time I have 
done HTML emails they flop out and not display correctly.  Is there a reason 
for this?  Is there a way to send out HTML emails from a PHP script to email 
clients that will display correctly?
  Problem I tend to have is at times I write the HTML, test it on a webpage.  
Send it to my email clients shows well but on others like Yahoo! etc it shows 
crap.  Than at times Yahoo! shows fine and other clients crap!  Is there 
tag/codes needed to sort it out?
  Or is it just a tricky thing?  Yahoo!, Hotmail is HTML based WWW clients so I 
guess you need to get your tables spot on that matches theirs to align 
correctly?  Just need input on this!  Thanks!

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