Hi everyone; first, let me say that I'm really not a programmer (although I'm pretty good with scripting and so forth) so please pardon the newbie questions; I have a problem that I'm sure you will be able to help with a solution straight away; I'm running aide in our environment, and am just completing the code to insert the daily reports into a mysql database; no problems with that piece; what I would like to do is to setup a "simple" webpage that would allow the security administrators in our building to display these reports; I've setup the database in the following way; every host has it's own table; each table has 4 columns:
report_id ->auto incrementing integer, primary key
report_text ->longtext which contains the text of each report
report_date ->DATE format is just the date the report was written
report_num ->an integer number used to keep track of records for an entire report; the first report for a day will have a 1 in this record, the second will have a 2, etc. The mysql and apache servers are the same box; it's a redhat es 3 box. I'm just looking for a simple webpage that will display the reports for the admins; I was thinking of a page in which I'll include a combo box which displays a list of server names (this would be static and would also tell php which table to connect to since tables are named after hosts); next to this list would be a combo box containing list of dates of available reports (report_date column); next to this would be a combo box of a list of available reports (report_number); then maybe just a text filed or something that would display reports text (report_text); thanks very much for your help.


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