No code here unless required.
  I run this tipping site.  All user details are in a table called tipping 
which stores their id, username, password, email address, score and others.
  Than I have tables round 1 through to round 22.  (all seperate tables)
  This is where users tip to.  I have a tipping deadline, however I run this 
from a javascript countdown code and not connected in any way to the db.  
(maybe I should for what I need)
  in each round i have id, username, game1 through to game 8, score (for that 
round only) and a column called Misc.  Misc is where I know if the user has 
tipped or not, on default it's NULL, if they tip it's y.  
  I want to run a PHP script generally 24 hours before the end of the round 
closing that sends an email ONLY to users that have NOT tipped to date on 
script running.  The email will have details that they have not tipped and a 
web-url.  Now I am not sure how to do this.
  As mentioned below the email address for users are in a different table.  
Should I put the email value in the rounds table also?  How would I go about 
getting a script to do this?
  I know I could send a cronjob to execute it on a set say.  And I could change 
this if the time needs changing in cronjobs.  Just need help on the script.
  So I need the script to read the desired round and look for the username and 
misc.  If misc y than ignore it and the username.  If NULL than grab the 
username and match it with the email address in the other table.  Or I could 
add the email value in that table if it makes it easier that way.  
  Preffered email format is Plain-text.  But any code that supports HTML is 
fine too.  As long as it recognises what's HTML and what's not.  (example if i 
press the ENTER key it must recognise this as a enter and not a space.)  
  Could anyone please help me here?
  Thanks for your time.

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