If you're doing lots of database queries, also make sure that every column
in your WHERE clause in each query is indexed. That will significantly
decrease the time it takes for the database engine to access the data.


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You may want to check the max_execution_time directive in php.ini Neil 

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Hey everybody,


For about the last 7 hours I am trying to get a script to work and I have
absolutely no more ideas of why it isn't.


I run the script in a browser, and it has to run for some time, but after
about 20 minutes it suddenly . stops . it just pukes. No there is no error,
and yes the display_errors is on.  The script just stops as if it was stoped
by someone. There are  no errors, the server has absolutely no load, so it's
not the server either.

I then put in the script once every 3-4 lines this:


echo __LINE__;  


so I would actually know on what line it pukes. and it stops randomly.
Te funny thing is that last time I ran it, the last lines it displayed

228, 234, 23  , so it just puked in THE MIDDLE of displaying 236!


Cound it be because of the browser???  Or the server would stop it??

I ran it in firefox and internet explorer.


Do any of you have any idea, because I would be imensly gratefull, at the
moment I am absolutely cluless!


Thanks a lot!!!!!


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