Hello everybody!
I am very much a newbie in PHP, but enjoying the learning process. Here and
there I get tangled in the logic of certain problems. Anyway, I have a
database about interns and this database has multi-tables told data of
interns, for example personal information, education qualifications,
computer skills, languages etc. The relationship of the tables is based on
the intern's username. 
What I am trying to do is have a form, which an intern can fill in so that
details are inserted into the database. Since I am populating a number of
tables in one go, what's the best way to implement this? The main table is
the personal information one, which has the username as primary key, and the
rest of the tables username is the foreign key. Obviously I need the to pick
the username from the main table and insert it into the other tables. How
best can I do this?
Sorry this is a bit like an essay, but please assist. I know it looks
obvious to the experienced guys, but am having a bit of a problem. Thanks

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