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Eustace wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> I am very much a newbie in PHP, but enjoying the learning process. 
> Here and there I get tangled in the logic of certain problems. Anyway, 
> I have a database about interns and this database has multi-tables 
> told data of interns, for example personal information, education 
> qualifications, computer skills, languages etc. The relationship of 
> the tables is based on the intern's username.
> What I am trying to do is have a form, which an intern can fill in so 
> that details are inserted into the database. Since I am populating a 
> number of tables in one go, what's the best way to implement this? The 
> main table is the personal information one, which has the username as 
> primary key, and the rest of the tables username is the foreign key. 
> Obviously I need the to pick the username from the main table and 
> insert it into the other tables. How best can I do this?

No databases will do this automatically for you (whether you use mysql,
sqlite, postgresql or something else), so you need to create multiple

mysql example:

$query = "insert into users(username) values ('my_username')";
mysql_query($query); $userid = mysql_insert_id();

$query = "insert into table2(userid) values('$userid')"; ....

postgres example:

$query = "select nextval('user_sequence') AS nextid"; $result =
pg_query($query); $row = pg_fetch_assoc($result); $userid = $row['nextid'];

$query = "insert into table2(userid) values('$userid')"; ....

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