I am very new to the list, but I get the impression that Jonathan below is rather new to programming in PHP/MySQL and lists like these are great resources for people without the many years of experience some of us have.

And while mysql_insert_id() is old hat to most of us, to people with less experience it is not so obvious.

So I'm always dissapointed to see more experienced programmers say things like Stut has said below because they tend to intimiate inexperienced coders, make them shy away from asking questions out of fear that gurus like Stut will say the kinds of things he has said below.

For this reason I'm going to unsubscribe from the list, lest I ask a question and get similar treatment.

Jonathan, if you have any other questions you feel might get you jumped on again for asking please feel free to email me directly.

And Stut, please please please please please consider other peoples' feelings before you go shooting off your "freaking" mouth.

Jonathan probably is reading the manual, but may missed the small section on mysql_insert_id(). And for that he doesn't deserve your scron.

Sign me, ... unsubscribed from this list,

Stut wrote:

Thanks to the help of this list, I am making great progress. Now this --

I have a multi-part submission form for a support application for us, the
manufacturer - the reseller's information is submitted, the customer's
information is submitted, then the warranty support information needs to be

How can I retrieve the CustomerID after I insert a record into the customer
table in mySQL and pass it to the CSQdetails.php page?


And please please please please please read the freaking manual before asking questions here!


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