Attn: The President/CEO

I am Mr. Robert Maloney aged 54, Personal Assistant to PRINCE JEFRI BOLKIAH, 
who was the former Finance Minister of Brunei, located in the northwest of the 
island of
Borneo. Brunei Darussalam is a small country governed according to Islamic 
values and traditions by His Majesty Sultan Hajj Hassanal Bolkiah Mu izzaddin 
Waddaulah. Due to the problems that affected my boss I was attacked by the 
kingdom and I am now sitting on wheel chair unable to walk or do anything but 
still trying to get my boss finances secured. I am presently hiding for the 
safety of my life.

As you may know from the international media, the sultan has accused Prince 
Jefri of financial mismanagement and impropriety of US$16.8 Billion. This was 
as a result of the Asian Financial Crisis that made my client's company; 
be declared bankrupt during his tenure in office.

Prince Jefri was relieved of his post as Finance Minister of Brunei and was 
stripped of his chairmanship post as head of the Nations International 
Investment Arm, the Brunei Investment Agency. The Prince controls 13 companies 
& Brunei's overseas assets.

At the moment Prince Jefri is kept under house arrest, his bank accounts and 
private properties, including a crude oil export refinery were confiscated by 
the sultan. Furthermore to my advice, my client was able to evacuate USD $20.5M 
outside the country, with the assistance of a foreign diplomat.

I need your assistance to take possession of the fund, for the purpose of 
investment for a period of Five year, you will be adequately compensated. 
Further information on the confirmation of this story and how best you can take 
possession of these funds will be sent to you for your verification, after the 
receipt of your positive response.

On receiving your response, I will provide you with more detail information and 
the transfer of power of attorney and certificate of funds deposit which will 
enable you deals directly with the security house where the funds is lodged.

I look forward to your anticipated response.

Yours Faithfully,

Robert Maloney.
Fax #: +44-870 2359337.

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