Hi all,

I am currently working on PDO. Exactly on the bindParam() function.
The third parameter data_type seems to be here to force the type of the value ?
But when I try :

$sql = "INSERT INTO produit (idproduit, nom, marque)
        VALUES (NULL, :nom, :marque)";
$stmt = $dbh->prepare($sql);

$nom = 'Testarossa';
$marque = 'Ferrari' ;

$stmt->BindValue(':marque',$marque) ;
$stmt->BindParam(':nom',$nom,PDO::PARAM_INT) ;

$nom = '250 GTO' ;

I was expecting to have either a PHP error or an interger in my database. But in my DB I have :

22      Testarossa      Ferrari
23      250 GTO         Ferrari

It mean that it didn't change if I have the third parameter or not. Or perhaps I miss something. Can someone tole me more ? Or just can someone told me where I can find information about it.



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