Let me start by apologising if my posts came across as personal. Check the archives for my posts, primarily on php-general and you will see that I have a very sarcastic personality. No offence was meant or is meant by what follows.

JupiterHost.Net wrote:
What planet are you on? Seriously? Because PEAR does not need to be compiled into PHP. Zend Optimizer is no different to the optimizers

I was referring to --with-pear, sorry "compiled" was not the right word *

I'm not familiar with the switch you are referring to. If you look into PEAR a bit closer you will find that it is simply a package of classes. It does not need any changes to your PHP binary for it to work correctly.

available for other scripting languages. Version mismatches are a fact

I was referring to how Zend Opt is "required" for some stuff mainly because its necessary to offset the bloat. *

I'm not sure what gives you the impression that Zend Optimizer is "required" for anything. ZO is a system for pre-compiling PHP code to bytecodes such that the PHP source files do not need to be interpreted each time they are run. While it is true that some commercial software written in PHP is encoded and requires ZO, but this is a choice of that particular developer and is not attributable to PHP as a language or as a technology.

of life with all tools, deal with it. And last but not least, you do not

And PHP tends to have a greater majority of them, have you ever managed PHP on multiple servers? If you have you kwo exactly what I'm referring to.

I maintain 13 servers in total, each of them have PHP installed, and I've never had a problem with version issues. And I have to say that in my experience other tools have more problems with this. Perl used to be a nightmare for us until we rewrote the scripts we had in PHP. I'm not blaming PHP for this, I'm just trying to point out that problems related to version mismatches are usually related to the administrators understanding of that particular package. For me that means Perl caused me more issues than PHP because I know PHP better.

have to be root to do anything with PHP, or indeed Apache except to

I was referring to building PHP/Apache in general *

You do not need to be root to build PHP or Apache, or in fact anything else, so I'm not sure where you're getting that requirement from.

listen on a port lower than 1024, which is true for all tools since it's a platform limitation.

* I'm speaking in generalitites of working with PHP not specifics components of the technology.

In that case I would point out that your personal experiences with PHP are not necessarily a reflection on PHP. I hope you don't take offense at that but I know a huge number of developers and sysadmins who are more than happy with working with PHP, and nearly all of them have been through the process of trying the alternatives before landing on PHP as the right solution for them.

And that module is not a MIME tool in itself, it uses perl's MIME tools and SMTP tools but it abstracts all of that for you so all you have to do is make a hash that represents your mail. No knowlege of SMTP or MIME necessary.

And you can install it as a regular user and use it yourself if need be, what could be easier :)

Yeah, you're definitely smoking somethin'. The PEAR package Mail_Mime is another example of a pure-php class. It certainly does not use anything perl related at all. I'd really like to know what makes you think it does.

I never said PEAR or any specific package used Perl, I'd simply offered a better solution that happend to be done in Perl.

Quoting your original post... "it uses perl's MIME tools and SMTP tools". How is that not saying "PEAR or any specific package used Perl"?

Your solution was not "better" given the context of the question. Specifically that the question was asking about doing something in PHP and was asked on the PHP list meaning it's not a great leap to assume the guy need a solution in PHP.

Oh, and there's nothing stopping you installing any of the PEAR classes as a regular user and using it yourself. What could be easier? Not having to read your ignorant emails.

I was outlining some of PHP faults, not getting personal which truly *is* ignorant.

I hope you understand that I wasn't getting personal, but you must accept that your answers so far have suggested that you don't actually know much about what you are talking about.

Good day to all, sorry if I was to ambiguouse or I've offended.

Feel free to ignore the rest of this post, which I hope you'll take in the spirit it is meant, but please answer me this. What has PHP done to you? Why are you so anti-PHP? And specifically why are you on a PHP list suggesting people use a different technology?


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