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You're piping a hand crafted mime message to sendmial via mail()?

You are a glutton for pain :) (and oh yeah theres about a zillion MIME
issues you've overlooked that will come back and bite you later, gauranteed)

use a tool thats made for it:

I agree - don't get bitten on the ass, but OTOH, there's already a PHP
Mime encoder - no need to point him to a Perl library....


Yes there's a huge need, PHP is way to problematic and many folks don't even realize thats its one of a hundred possible tools. Most of which are better suited for most things.

Plus, what if you don't have Pear compiled into PHP? Now theres more hoops, oops need zend optimizer, more hoops, oops that version doesn;t work on that verison, more hoops. Oh yeah and you have to be root to do all this, nice.

What planet are you on? Seriously? Because PEAR does not need to be compiled into PHP. Zend Optimizer is no different to the optimizers available for other scripting languages. Version mismatches are a fact of life with all tools, deal with it. And last but not least, you do not have to be root to do anything with PHP, or indeed Apache except to listen on a port lower than 1024, which is true for all tools since it's a platform limitation.

And that module is not a MIME tool in itself, it uses perl's MIME tools and SMTP tools but it abstracts all of that for you so all you have to do is make a hash that represents your mail. No knowlege of SMTP or MIME necessary.

And you can install it as a regular user and use it yourself if need be, what could be easier :)

Yeah, you're definitely smoking somethin'. The PEAR package Mail_Mime is another example of a pure-php class. It certainly does not use anything perl related at all. I'd really like to know what makes you think it does.

Oh, and there's nothing stopping you installing any of the PEAR classes as a regular user and using it yourself. What could be easier? Not having to read your ignorant emails.


If ignorance is bliss, you must be in heaven!

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