Stut wrote:
Micah Stevens wrote:
Stut wrote:
Bastien Koert wrote:
Not commenting on the appropriateness or security of the eval function. Merely offering a possible path. It is up to the OP to decide if that solution is the correct one.

I would accept that if you'd mentioned, or at least hinted at the issues that need to be addressed when using eval. You didn't so I thought it needed to be pointed out. I think we, as a community, have a responsibility to point out the potential security and stability pitfalls of the possible solutions we provide. But that's just me.

Last time I handed someone a rope, I didn't tell them to not hang themselves. :)

Then you assumed they knew what a rope was and that it's generally a bad idea to use it to suspend themselves in the air by their neck. Likewise you assumed the OP knew that eval was dangerous.


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